Terms and conditions


By purchasing products from Ebony Prague you are agreeing to our returns policy. All of the products for sale at Ebony Prague are well-known and branded. Therefore, it is our assumption that if you are ordering a beauty product from us, you are already familiar with the product and its attributes. Because of this, we place full liability on you, the customer for accurately selecting the product appropriate for you, as we have a strict return policy.

If an error is discovered in the price of the goods that you have ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible. In the event that you order an item and the price published on the Site is incorrect for any reason, we will contact you to let you know the correct price and ask you whether you still wish us to fulfil your order at this price. We shall be under no obligation to fulfil an order for a product, which was advertised at an incorrect price. We shall give you the option of confirming the order at the correct price or if you so choose, to cancel the order altogether. If you cancel and have already paid for the goods in the circumstances described in this clause, we shall refund the full amount in accordance with these Terms.

There is a 7 day full cash refund returns policy for goods purchased through our site, excluding shipping costs.

If trying to return the goods after 7 days, we will only allow the return of products, in the following two circumstances and then ONLY product replacement or store credit will be issued at our sole discretion:

  • If we sent you a product other than what you ordered on your invoice, we will accept the return of the errant product and will ship you out the appropriate product.
  • If you receive a product that was damaged in transit, we will accept the return of the damaged product and will ship you out a replacement of the same product.
  • You the customer are liable for the cost of return postage.

We provide no cash refunds or charge card credited for items returned to us.

You must include both the invoice that initially came with the order and the unopened/unused product in question within 10days of the date on the invoice.